A Renton Estate Planning Attorney Committed to You and the Community

For more than 40 years, Dan Kellogg has been practicing law for clients throughout King County and the State of Washington. The last 25 of those years have been focused on estate planning. When you schedule a consultation at the firm or in your home or hospital room, you meet with Mr. Kellogg, not a lesser experienced associate or paralegal.

Dan’s background as an estate planning and Elder Law attorney is rooted in his early practice experience as a general practitioner who handled a broad variety of legal matters for clients. As a result of that experience, Dan has a very good understanding of the multitude of issues that may be presented by the circumstances of a client. Now that Dan’s practice is limited to estate planning, Elder Law and real estate matters, his experience with other legal issues forms an important backdrop to the focus on the client’s estate planning, Elder Law or real estate matter.



Dan Kellogg has counseled area residents needing help with estate plans, Elder Law matters, and real estate transactions. For over 40 years, he has provided personalized service to clients and a fierce commitment to his community.

Dan assists clients with a broad array of strategies to accomplish their personal goals to protect their assets during their lifetime, minimize estate tax liabilities and provide for the economical and orderly distribution of their estate to their intended beneficiaries after death. Dan can help with all aspects of an estate plan and elder law, including:


As a Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation,* Dan Kellogg attends to every detail in an estate plan, probate proceeding, Elder Law matter or real estate transaction. He brings a thorough understanding of the technical issues and knowledge of effective techniques to protect your assets or a loved one.

*The Supreme Court of Washington does not recognize specialties and certification is not required to practice law in Washington.


For more than 40 years, attorney Dan Kellogg has helped residents with all aspects of planning an estate, helping with Medicaid eligibility and managing a real estate transaction. Contact him today!

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