Retirement is an event that everyone looks forward to. Whether you have dreams of living at the beach, deep in the country, or you would rather travel, retirement is something to anticipate. However, the reality is what you are doing now seriously affects the outcomes of your retirement or if you will have one at all. Nonetheless, it is not too late to take action on a retirement plan that leaves you with peace of mind rather than with a burden and contacting an experienced Washington retirement plan attorney is invaluable to you.

Retirement Realities

When considering a retirement plan, online financial planning tools usually advise their users to have at least ten times their salary saved before they decide to retire; however, in today’s society that can seem like a very high number and can also seem discouraging. The realities of retirement  in the 21st century can seem burdensome, however, it does not have to be with the right plans in place. The realities are, though age discrimination is against the law, people who are older get looked over for promotions and are sometimes laid off forcing them to retire before they would like to and due to economic uncertainties, a significant number of retirees hold a part time job making them semi-retired. Unfortunately, those that leave full time workforce early need to make more money, largely because they have spent fewer years earning a salary. Health care realities also play a huge part in retirement finances; unforeseen medical expenses can stretch your retirement finances even further. Lastly, pension benefits and social security continues to fluctuate making them undependable upon retirement simply because you can’t control them. And though these are the realities of retirement, how you save throughout your life is something that you can control and can leave you in a better situation than most.

Need Legal Advice?

The thought of retiring does not have to be burdensome for you and with the right plan in place can be a huge accomplishment to look forward to. If you are in need of a retirement plan that fits your lifestyle contacting or calling Law Offices of Dan Kellogg  at (425) 227-8700 is extremely beneficial to you. We will go through your case and construct a plan that fits your means as well as your needs making your retirement realities positive. Contact our office today for an initial case evaluation.