Now that a judge has voided a licensing agreement between the deceased signer and Universal Music Group, estate executors are poised to release some “mind-blowing” material, according to Spotify’s Troy Carter.

The pop star “practically lived in a recording studio,” he added. So, it was not surprising to find some high-quality unreleased songs. The release should coincide with an event at the Target Center in Minneapolis that falls on the second anniversary of the singer’s death in April 2018. That concert will include some previously unreleased video footage.

On April 21, 2016, Prince Rogers Nelson died as a result of a fentanyl overdose. The 57-year-old singer did not have a will.

What Happens If You Die Intestate in Washington?

Intestate is the legal term for people who die without wills. People who have no assets, not even a house or a car, absolutely no debts whatsoever, and only pure biological relatives (e.g. no half-siblings, stepchildren, and so on) probably do not need written wills. Very, very few people meet all three of these criteria. If there is no will, and there are assets to divide, heirs to determine, or debts to divide, the person’s estate usually goes to probate court. Prince’s estate has been in probate court for over a year, and the legal fights show no sign of abating.

A Washington probate judge makes rulings based on the state’s intestacy laws. For the most part, these rules are very clear cut and logical. However, they are one-size-fits-all. There is no way to make any accommodations for an individual family’s needs.

To avoid confusion and a protracted legal fight, as well as make specific arrangements for the loved ones you leave behind, it’s very important that Washingtonians have at least some basic estate planning documents, including:

  • Will: This document, which can be amended at almost any time, divides debts and assets according to the testator’s (person who makes a will) wishes, instead of what politicians in Olympia believe are appropriate.
  • Trust: Most trusts remove property from probate court, so the legal heirs avoid protracted arguments like the one going on in a Minnesota probate court over Prince’s estate.
  • Power of Attorney: Although not technically an estate planning document, a power of attorney is a very handy thing. It allows a trusted individual to assume a decisionmaking role in situations that you designate.

Many estate plans also include tax planning documents and community property agreements.

Count On an Experienced Attorney

A simple estate planning package is the stitch in time that saves nine. For a confidential consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney in Renton, contact the Law Offices of Dan Kellogg. Our main office is conveniently located between James and Smith near Highway 167.