Proper estate planning can clarify your intentions and provide a practical and cost-effective means of distributing your assets to your intended beneficiaries.

In many cases, it is important for a client to sign a Last Will and Testament that clearly provides instructions for the ultimate distribution of the client’s assets following death. The Will should designate a Personal Representative (Executor) who would be appointed by the Court to administer the estate in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

The Will may also create a trust for the benefit of minor beneficiaries or beneficiaries who are suffering from some type of disability. Such a trust may make it possible to protect their interest in the estate for the period of time specified in the Will. A Will can also create a Credit Shelter Trust to minimize Estate Tax liability for a married couple.

When You Need the Help of a Bellevue and Renton Wills Attorney

The Law Offices of Dan Kellogg spends time with you to identify your needs and goals related to a Will. Selection of a Personal Representative (or Executor) is important. You may need to set up a trust for minor children or disabled family members with special needs. The interests of all beneficiaries should be protected by the Will’s provisions.

A Washington Last Will and Testament Lawyer Protecting Your Assets

The last thing you want to leave your beneficiaries is a substantial estate tax liability. There are limits to what can be exempted. Providing a “credit shelter trust” can minimize estate tax liability for a married couple. Other potential strategies may be able to protect additional assets from estate taxation.

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