Dan Kellogg has provided personalized service to King County residents since he began to practice law more than 35 years ago. He spends time with clients to identify their specific needs as it relates to estate planning.

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The Help You Need From a Renton Trusts Attorney

The Law Offices of Dan Kellogg assesses every client’s goals and creates various types of trusts to achieve those goals, including:

Support Trusts for Minor Children – Parents with minor children will need to create in their Will or Revocable Living Trust a support trust to provide for the financial well-being of any minor children. The trustee can administer the trust to provide for the education, health and ongoing support of children. When the need for support has been fulfilled, any remaining assets can be distributed to the children.

Revocable Living Trusts – Some clients may prefer to use a Revocable Living Trust as their primary estate planning strategy. In cases in which assets are located in more than one state, the use of a Revocable Living Trust could be beneficial because it potentially avoids probate proceedings in multiple states following a death. Dan Kellogg will review each client’s individual circumstances with care to make recommendations of whether a Revocable Living Trust will be an appropriate strategy.

Special Needs Trusts – A Special Needs Trust can protect the portion of the estate left to a child with disabilities or addiction problems, or who cannot manage money on their own. Special Needs Trusts can also protect the assets of a spouse of a Medicaid recipient from Medicaid recovery. Whatever the reason for the Special Needs Trust, the designated trustee protects the trust estate assets for the benefit of the beneficiary, providing much-needed oversight of financial resources, and in many cases, protection of the beneficiary’s eligibility for public benefits.

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