Estate planning is especially important when the need arises to provide for a disabled loved one. In those cases, Bellevue estate planning attorney Dan Kellogg can help establish a Special Needs Trust.

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A Renton Special Needs Trusts Attorney Helping Your Disabled Loved One

The Law Offices of Dan Kellogg can assist you to create a Special Needs Trust for the benefit of a disabled parent, child or other relatives. That may include a loved one who suffers from an alcohol or drug addiction or cannot manage their finances. A trustee will be left in charge of the Special Needs Trust and control distribution of the money throughout the lifetime of the beneficiary. Because the disabled person has no control over the trust, qualification for government benefits programs that include SSI or Medicaid will not be affected. A Special Needs Trust can also protect against Medicaid Recovery in the case of a spouse of a Medicaid recipient. With the help of Dan Kellogg, you can protect assets while securing the financial future of a loved one unable to care for themselves or manage their money.

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