The state of Washington will seek reimbursement of all Medicaid benefits received during life upon the death of a Medicaid recipient. Finances could be depleted. Family homes could be lost. Proactive steps are needed. Consult an attorney who is not only experienced but also recognized as a Certified Elder Law Attorney by National Elder Law Foundation*.

Attorney Dan Kellogg helps clients with Medicaid eligibility planning and takes the steps necessary to protect their assets from Medicaid recovery.

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Kent Protection Against Medicaid Recovery Attorney

An Elder Law attorney’s work is not over after helping a client qualify for Medicaid benefits. Upon death, Medicaid recipients must reimburse the state for the money they received during their lifetime from any assets owned by the Medicaid recipient, including the Medicaid recipient’s interest in their home. However, there are steps that can counter those collection actions.

Renton Exempt Asset Protection Lawyer

Protecting a home that a Medicaid recipient spent years paying for is paramount. It is an asset with financial and sentimental value for the spouse and the entire family. By implementing effective estate planning strategies (including a Special Needs Trust for the benefit of the spouse that is on Medicaid), the home and other assets can be protecting from Medicaid recovery. Waiting to take action can result in a devastating loss for your family. Time is of the essence.

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*The Supreme Court of Washington does not recognize specialties, and certification is not required to practice law in Washington