When a Will is created, you can minimize the risk of disputes that may lead to possible litigation. Dan Kellogg brings more than 40years of experience to help Washington residents draft Wills and trusts. While the goal is to avoid probate if possible, if that is not feasible the firm will help clients manage what can be a complex process.

If you are a personal representative (executor) assigned to administer a will, you need an experienced probate attorney to ensure the wishes of the deceased are respected, state law is followed, and the estate is distributed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Contact the firm at (425) 227-8700.

A Kent Probate Attorney Helping Clients During Difficult Times

The Law Offices of Dan Kellogg helps clients whose loved one has died to transfer the decedent’s assets to the intended beneficiaries. In some cases, a probate action before the Superior Court is necessary to establish the validity of a Will, if one exists, and secure the appointment of a Personal Representative (or Executor) to oversee the process.

In essence, the probate proceeding is needed to establish the validity of the Will (or the fact that there is no Will, if that is the case), appoint the Personal Representative to manage the process, provide for the orderly payment of any financial obligations of the deceased person, and to distribute the remaining assets to the intended beneficiaries. The law firm helps the Personal Representative to manage this process and maximizes the ultimate distribution to the beneficiaries.

A Bellevue Trust Administration Lawyer Providing Personalized Legal Services

There are many different types of trusts that may be used for many different purposes. All trusts must be administered in such a way that the intention of the creator of the trust is fulfilled, legal requirements are met, and the interests of the trust beneficiaries are protected. In many cases, the administration of a trust will involve only minimal oversight by an attorney. But whatever the need may be, Dan Kellogg has the experience and expertise to provide the assistance that may be needed during the period of the trust administration. In the end, the goal is to facilitate the ultimate distribution of the assets of the trust to or for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

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