Creation of a Power of Attorney requires careful selection of the individual who will make vital decisions on your behalf. Dan Kellogg has represented area residents for over 40years to help with all aspects of estate planning.

Powers of Attorney can be used to delegate authority to someone (the agent) to make important financial and/or health care decisions. However, the delegated authority can be misused. So it is important that adequate thought be given to the decision whether to sign a Power of Attorney.

Renton Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney can usually be revoked. However, actions taken by the agent before the revocation of the Power of Attorney may be enforceable.

Dan not only brings extensive experience and in-depth legal knowledge but also a personalized handling of estate planning matters to give his client’s confidence in the Estate Planning arrangements that they make.

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There may be a time when you cannot make important decisions regarding your financial assets or the course of your health care. Delegating that authority is a decision that requires careful consideration.

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