A lifetime of saving can be undone if a medical crisis arises. Your finances can be depleted by long-term care expenses. Attorney Dan Kellogg is a Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation*. Dan helps clients with Medicaid eligibility planning to protect their assets.

Government benefits exist that can help you pay for high long-term care costs. Even if you own significant assets, you may still be able to qualify for Medicaid. Contact the firm at (425) 227-8700.

Long-Term Care Planning Lawyer Focused on Asset Protection

The Law Offices of Dan Kellogg witnesses the financial burden many people must bear for long-term care expenses. Some pay over $100,000 per year, depleting their hard-earned financial resources. Long-term care insurance may be an option. However, when it is not available, strategies must be implemented to protect a client’s assets.

Renton Medicaid Eligibility Planning Attorney at Your Side

You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor or ensure financial stability for your intended beneficiaries. Medicaid eligibility planning is a vital step to ensure that you get the long-term care you need without dissipation of your assets.

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* The Supreme Court of Washington does not recognize specialties, and certification is not required to practice law in Washington.