Federal Estate Tax planning is important to protect the assets you leave to your beneficiaries. Without a properly designed estate tax plan, you may fail to minimize the amount of any applicable estate tax. With proper planning from attorney Dan Kellogg, you can maximize what your beneficiaries receive and lessen the heavy burden of federal and state estate taxes.

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Protect Your Assets With the Help of a Kent Estate Tax Planning Attorney

Current law provides for an exemption for each person of 12+ million from the Federal Estate Tax and $2.193 million from the State of Washington Estate Tax.  For a married couple, there is usually no estate tax liability upon the death of the first spouse.  But upon the second death, if the surviving spouse owns all of the assets, the estate tax liability can be enormous.

A Renton Estate Tax Planning Lawyer Creating a Credit Shelter Trust

A credit shelter trust can be part of your Will or revocable living trust. If one spouse dies, the decedent spouse’s trust is funded with one-half of the taxable estate (up to the amount of the applicable exemption), eliminating a significant tax liability at the death of the surviving spouse.

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