No two estates plans are the same.  The more complex the estate issues, the more complicated and detailed the estate plan will need to be.  No one knows more about your situation than you do. That’s why we believe an estate planner’s first and primary job is to listen.

Estate Planning Attorney

As you share your story, what’s most important and the personal values you want to survive you becomes evident. Your estate planner will make note of the goals you have for the future of your family.  

The job of an estate planner is not to tell you what to do with your estate.  The estate planner’s job is to take your values and your goals and leverage their keen understanding of estate law and the tax implications involved and draft the paperwocreatest to create the legal vehicles for you to achieve your goals. An estate plan starts with hearing your wishes and goals and ends with a strategic plan to make them a reality.

  1. Tell Us About Your Assets
  2. Discuss Your Values and Wishes
  3. Determine Who Gets What And When
  4. Create A Will & Have A Death Deed Prepared
  5. Sign The Paperwork & Store Your Documents

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