Mollie was concerned for her 86-year old mother. Not only was her mother’s health waning, Mollie noticed there were some peculiar things going on with her mother’s finances. One day Mollie came across one of her mother’s checking account statements and realized her mother was being taken advantage of. Some $2000 in checks had been written to what were obvious scams.

In addition Mollie’s mother has broken bones after falling in her home. Mollie’s mother’s home has steep stairs, unsafe handrails, hazardous tears in the carpet, and mold growing in various spots in the house. Yet with all the telltale signs that Mollie’s mother is in need of help, Mollie’s mother won’t admit it. She has taken care of herself for more than two decades since her husband passed away and she is having a hard time accepting that her own independence is hurting her.

Mollie’s story is true of hundreds of thousands of family members whose aging parents are in obvious need of help by virtue of a legal power of attorney, yet their parents are often headstrong or truculent and unwilling to cooperate. Over the years Dan Kellogg has helped families in situations like these navigate the troubled waters of doing what’s best for their elderly loved one. Powers of attorney can enable you to help your parent make the kind of medical, business, financial, and home decisions that keep them safe.

Is independence that causes a person to harm themselves or leaves them vulnerable to being taken advantage of really independence? Having your parent or grandparent sign power of attorney to you or another loved one may be the kindest step you can take for them.

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When the time comes when you cannot make important decisions regarding your financial assets or the course of your health care, do you have a plan? We can help you walk through the process of choosing an agent to represent you via power of attorney, if need be. We understand the personal and legal implications of delegating your authority to another person. Make use of our experience for the benefit of your future.

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