We now live in the age where DIY projects are extremely popular. These DIY projects range from building your own headboards to planning your own estate; and though some DIY projects end fantastically, is planning your own estate, DIY style, the best choice? We all are aware that attorneys can be costly, however, it is beneficial to invest in an attorney when your loved one’s future will be affected. If you or a loved one is in need of an estate plan, contacting an experienced Washington estate planning attorney is invaluable.

Estate Planning App?

It is true. There is an estate planning consumer app that allows people to gather their estate plans, health care proxies, financial account information, final wishes, and even their obituaries, in one place. Abby Schneiderman’s, Everplans, allows a consumer to answer a few questions in order to create customized estate plans. Also, according to “Financial Planning,” Everplans can be shared with deputies who will have access to some or all of the information to better serve individuals for their end of life strategies. However, is this the best tool to secure your family’s future?

Why is an Attorney Beneficial?

Though many people may be wary of obtaining an attorney because of the expenses, it is beneficial to obtain an attorney for estate planning instead of relying on an app.  Seeking an attorney for your estate planning needs allows you to get advice specifically pertaining to you and your lifestyle that an app cannot give you. An attorney is able to give you adequate advice on the taxes in your state to help you minimize the tax burden to your family upon your death or incapacitation, as well as an attorney is extremely beneficial if you are a small business or choose to leave your money to someone besides a loved one. Sometimes life is not black and white, and through estate planning may seem simple, there are many obstacles that may come along and can cost your loved ones more than the legal fees associated with obtaining an estate planning attorney. Lastly, attorney’s that are experienced in estate planning can facilitate conversations with clients that are difficult and help the client come up with a plausible plan.

Need Legal Advice?

Technology in the 21st century has saved many people from losing unnecessary money, and though this is a good app to get you started with your estate planning process, obtaining an attorney is beyond beneficial for the sake of you and your loved ones. If you or a loved one is in need of advice about your estate plan or to create an estate plan, please contact the Law Offices of Dan Kellogg or call (425) 227-8700 for an initial consultation.