There exists a misperception that ownership of significant assets is incompatible with eligibility for Medicaid. This is not always the case. In fact, with the assistance of a skilled elder law attorney, you may be able to qualify for Medicaid even if you possess a number of valuable assets. This is good news, as qualification is strongly in your interest.

Medicaid protects against the possibility that one’s life savings will be drained by years of healthcare expenses. As such, qualifying for Medicaid serves to protect your family’s assets. You may think that your lifetime of saving as rendered Medicaid unnecessary. The truth is that some individuals pay over $100,000 per year for long-term health care expenses. Such costs can deplete even vast resources, jeopardizing both your independence and stability, and your family’s financial future. Because of this, working with a skilled elder law attorney to qualify for Medicaid and thereby protect your assets is something you should strongly consider.

An Elder Law Attorney Will Help You Navigate The Medicaid Application

Filing an application for Medicaid is a lot like filing an income tax return. You need to be thorough and careful, making sure you are not at risk of penalties in the event of an event. As with your taxes, reliance on a professional will ensure that mistakes are not maid. This is critical because your assets are at stake. Call (425) 227-8700 or Contact Us online today for an initial consultation.